Opinions on All Star Superman

This week’s reading on the All Star Superman has been quite interesting. I have not read any of the Superman comics before and this seemed like a good introduction and place to start in getting involved with superman comics.

I have recently gotten into comics and was very focused on the story and not so much on the art, so this weeks analysis of superman was very eye-opening. I guess i did not make the connection as to just how important the comic strips are in relation to the story/info given by words characters are speaking. I think this week really highlighted that in Superman’s comic.

I think it was cool, that as a comic book reader you are not aware of the subtly or subconscious storytelling of comics and the information they convey until one starts to dissect different pages or scenes within a comic.

It was also interesting to think that Superman is a “human” made creation within the context of the world of comics. For example, the point brought up about how Lois Lane starts to write what Superman will be doing before he actually does it and thus is an evident point as to maybe he is a creation of the world. It was definitely a different point of view to think about Superman not as an inherently good person and believes in goodness in general but perhaps a product of subtle (or not so subtle) human interjection and idealization of Superman.

Overall, I found this week to be highly engaging and I am excited to see what next week and the rest of the term goes like.

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