Ms Marvel

This week’s introduction to Ms Marvel was very eye-opening. I did not think I would like Ms Marvel as much as I did. I also had the same opinion with another classmate who had commented saying they preferred superheroes as the conventional ones. However, Ms Marvel, while very unconventional, still had similar motivations as conventional superheroes where she still tried to the best course of action that would save the most amount of people or was the best action to take. But what made her more interesting, was all her uniqueness as a new superhero. For once we finally had a superhero with no tragic history. It was nice to see the story of a superhero motivated by her own good intentions (and not the death of her parents) which were values her parents and others taught her throughout her life (and continue to give her guidance).

I also did love that she was portrayed as a total nerd-turned-superhero. I feel that is very relatable to the average nerd if they turned into a superhero. As well a person from the South Asian culture it, Kamala Khan’s family life resonated of my own, especially during those teenage years of life. I also believe anyone going through what KAmala did at her age and with a family of strict parents and upbringing could find all of that relatable. I thought it was a fun story to see the average teenager get involved with something they only write fanfiction about and then suddenly having to deal with all these new powers AND a 9pm curfew. I did also really like how the dialogue was written. I think someone else had mentioned that in class as well, where the dialogue felt very realistic. I also thought the art of the comic was interesting and well done.

Overall, despite my preferences for conventional heroes, it was nice seeing a new refreshing take on superheroes and being this very unconventional character. I think I will be finishing this run of the comic in the near future.

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