Black Panther

This week’s superhero in the spotlight was Black Panther based in an African nation called Wakanda. I found that it was a very word heavy comic and slightly confusing to begin the reading and to understand where the events were coming and who/what they referring to at times. While some of it did become clear as I progressed through the issues, I still wish that there had been a prequel or similar issue before just to explain the events that are going on. However, I did really enjoy reading the Black Panther and his adventures and learning about a new comic book hero that I traditional would not have picked up reading. I thought it was also nice that we got to explore other parts of the world and see other nations and cultures represented in this comic, as most comics are based around the “average” American family. I also did really enjoy the artwork, I thought it was well done. Overall, I think this was a good introduction to the Black Panther and I am interested to see where the rest of his story goes in future comics and adaptions.

I am glad hat we got to read this comic right before the actually move comes out in a few weeks! I think this has provided some nice background information for the movie and we get to see a fresh adaption of a comic book hero to the big screen very soon! I think having this background knowledge may also help to understand certain characters and storylines in the movie, as the Marvel moves do tend to take bits and pieces from previous plot-lines and merge them together in their movies. Anyways, I look forward to the movie and seeing this hero in action!

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