This week we began our first comic into the topic of anti-heroes and secret organizations. I personally have not heard of Planetary before but was intrigued by the idea of it- a secret organization that goes around the world digging up its’ secrets. At first, it was confusing to follow but as I further read the issues it started to make more sense.

I also liked the idea of incorporating the different aspects of superheroes throughout the decades into small and subtle cameos throughout the issues. At first I did not even notice these subtlities until further dicussion in class. This revelations made in class added depth to the stories of Planetary and made them more thought-provoking story.

Another comment in class was made that this series was very popular in the 90’s however ever since the boom of superheroes on the big screen, more and more comic book readers turned to reading the typical and traditional heroes. But comics like Planetary seemed to have been long forgotten or that readers were not interested in exploring out of the norm comics or ideas. I think it is kind of sad that such ideas are not as heavily explored much more, or at least you do not hear about them in todays superhero dominated world.

I think it is also interesting to note while we have new non-traditional superheroes emerge in a brighter light (such as Ms. Marvel), I think it is also important to explore ideas that kind of show another side to superheroes and maybe explore just how ridiculous they are (for example, issue 4 of Planetary exploring Shazam).


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