Doom Patrol

This week we read an unique comic called Doom Patrol. It was an interesting read because it centred around a group of people that one typically would not think stories would revolve around. Typically, superheroes are able-bodied, “normal” or fantasy-like (what everyone wishes they were) beings all facing extraordinary things. But the people in Doom Patrol were not the most glamorous kinds of protagonists. And thats what I liked about it. That we saw other types of representations and narratives within a comic book that was typical. It also explored the idea and story of what it would be like to be atypical in a comic book setting. Kind of similar to plantery in the sense that it explored the ideas of different concepts of superheroes both individually and as a team.

I also liked how we discussed about the definition of anti-hero in class because at its simplest form a lot of the recent superheroes we have been reading could be considered anti-heroes since they do not follow the typical path and do not do the same things as a “normal” superhero. This also ties back into the what I was saying before about how these people are not typical and thus is what made them an different read.

Overall, I did find the comic to be a bit of a hard read at first but it got better as I further read on. I do like these comic books that challenge the concept of the traditional hero and it is also interesting to read superheroes as a group working together rather than an individual facing the world alone.

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