I never really thought of superheroes outside of the able-bodied image of what superheroes were supposed to be. Throughout the course, we have been exposed to a variety of heroes who do not fit that image of typical heroes. To add to thisblost, we read Hawkeye Issue 19 this week that depicted a deaf Hawkeye and so the comic was written with american sign language (ASL). At first it was hard to read and too me longer to understand what was going on. But i did try to infer what was happening through the facial expressions and other aspects of the comic. It was also interesting to see Hawkeye as deaf as I have only ever seen him as his fully able-bodied self in the movies. It would be interesting to see disabled characters depicted in media. Although we have daredevil on Netflix right now, which is a fantastic show, it would be nice to get representation of all types of disabilities.

Dr. Gibbson’s lecture on Disability really put into perspective how individuals with disability are always viewed in a certain way. Typcially shown as being disabled and then eventually being “cured” or they are displayed as being evil. This really got me thinking because there are many converatoons and movements around creating more inclusive stories for people of colour and various genders, sexualtieis etc. There really is not much discussion (at least from what I have come across around the internet) or much of a push for the same thing and there should be. There should be a push to have appropriate representation of disability within storytelling.

Overall, i thought the issue was a great addition to the different stories we have read so far!

One thought on “Hawkeye

  1. Hey Prabhjot

    I really like your points about disability representation and perception in society at large. I would like to approach this topic with the perspective of another supergroup: the X-men. While to us their powers are seen as fantastical, in the marvel world, it is somewhat seen as a disease, a disability. And their constant efforts to dissuade that notion seem to be hinting at these struggles in the real world. Case in point being, Magneto’s dialogue to mystique in X-men: first Class; “I want to see the real raven”.

    Hardik Paliwal


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