End of Term

We discussed many heroes nearing the end of term but I mostly enjoyed reading Bitch Planet, a response derived from the author’s perception on her run of Ms. Marvel. I absolutely loved how she took the hate and bullshit she was getting and turned into a fantastic comic. I really enjoyed the the storyline and thought that it was interesting to see an exaggerated world of patriarchy come to life.

I also really liked how many of the fans of the comics got the non-compliant symbol tattooed on their bodies as a way of supporting the comics but also, in a way, taking a stand against patriarchal norms in todays society. Overall, i thought it was a fantastic read!

We also watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The world this term. I have read a few of the volumes before but never actually watched the movie until now. I really liked how the director was able to incorporated different components of comics and video games into the movie. The movie stayed fairly close to the comics but did take out a lot of the backstory of many characters. I wished they went a little further into explaining Kim and Scotts story or added more depth to the katayanagi twins. Understandable as to why the decisions were made since it must have been difficult to combine all 6 volumes of scott pilgrim into one movie. I did also really enjoy the video game references, especially the use of the Legend of Zelda scores. Overall, i thought it was a fun movie to watch!

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